October 10, 2016



Food and accommodation are basic to any human being. The Refugee Pastoral Care through its pastoral discourse provides shelter to new arrivals. People need a roof over their heads. They need at least a meal a day while in the shelter. The organisation welcomes new arrivals from over the world who would have been displaced for various reasons.

It is the role of the Living Church to create a home for the homeless. As 2016 was a year of mercy, it is the duty of the church and its implementing organisations to show God’s mercy to the most vulnerable brothers and sisters. Most of the services to the disadvantaged brothers and sisters require money.


The Refugee Pastoral Care has over the years been assisting children in primary and secondary schools with school fees and uniforms. With support of some donor organisations, this intervention has proved very helpful. It has set a base for some good education for those children from vulnerable families. The children have had school fees paid for them and also received school uniforms. This gave the parents some relief and the children opportunities to prepare for further education.

Today’s world requires that people should be educated. Today’s education is expensive and unreachable to many! Public schools as you know are affordable. Can all children get places in public schools? The answer is a big NO! So those children who cannot get places in public schools will seek places in private schools where fees are high. Who pays for them in those schools?

The grant the Refugee Pastoral Care is receiving is not enough to cover those fees. Your help is of paramount importance to address this plight. Get your blessings by blessing the little and not so little refugee children!

Where will money for all this come from?

Give a Donation or a Recurring Financial Dedication today.


Children who have lost parents still need families and support like all other children. Some good hearted people take these children into their custody but sometimes have trouble in finding the means to sustain the needs of these children and their own.

For several years, some children in Germany have supported these orphaned refugee children. What a blessing these children are to the vulnerable orphans!

The support could be expanded if more well-wishers and kind-hearted people of God could join in supporting our vulnerable children.


Integration is a primary issue for all who migrate into new places.  Communication with indigenous people needs to be in their own languages. The Refugee Pastoral Care offers lessons in IsiZulu which is the local language for the people in the area of the Archdiocese of Durban. The classes are offered for no payment to the refugees.

English classes are given for employment purposes. For those that want to further their education, this is an opportunity. Your support for this program is an ingredient for its success. Come forward and join others helping the lord’s people.

Please contact us if you:

Want to teach?
Want to give financial support?
Want to donate books?
Want to see how the lessons are conducted?


The Healing Touch of Christ Workshops is run in line with the Catholic doctrines, however without discriminating against any other faith.

The workshops came about as a result of a realisation that people, especially refugees go through traumatic experiences for which they do not get opportunities to talk about. Some people left their countries because of situations bedevilling them. Some have been involved in wars in which they lost their beloved ones, even their religion. Some might have been confronted with situations that were painful, tried to tell their stories but nobody bothered to listen. As people go through these instances where they do not receive attention, the pain builds up to enormous levels that causes unbearable stress. Some have even succumbed to the stress. However, it has been realised that the best way to deal with the feeling of pain is to talk about it in a religious atmosphere.

The telling of stories, especially in a religious context removes the burden from the heart and with a “Touch of Christ” a healing process starts. If people cling to their pains and traumas then the burden of carrying other people’s sins becomes theirs through vengeance. So to free themselves from these burdens people need to talk about pain in this sense of forgiving those who have wronged them and peace building so that their hearts can receive relief in reconciliation. In a certain way the same could be said about perpetrators of any evil.

Funds to run this programme have run out and we are looking for support to ensure we are in touch with the people. The programme is a life saving one in which suicides are avoided.

We pray for your support for the workshops, in cash and kind. The running of the church programmes is in your hands. Get your blessings by blessing others. Donate and save life!

Where will money for all this come from?

Give a Donation or a Recurring Financial Dedication today.