Catholic Archdiocese of Durban Refugee Pastoral Care

Are you a Refugee, an Asylum Seeker, or a Migrant?

We provide the following Services:


Accommodation and food is given to new arrivals and those who have been in the Country for less than six months. Payment of rent arranged for vulnerable people (pending assessment).

School Fees & Uniforms

Payment of school fees (primary and secondary schools) and uniforms for refugee children whose parents have been in the Country for less than five years.

Support of Orphans

Support orphans whose foster parents have been appointed by the children’s court.

Free Language Courses

Free English and Zulu courses.

Food Parcels

Food parcels for the vulnerable people and those living with the HIV.


Clothing and Reading Glasses for poor and vulnerable people.


Free participation in the Healing Touch of Christ workshops.

What is our mission?

Our mission is to offer pastoral and social services to refugees, asylum seekers and migrants with a view to restore their lost dignity, faith and hope, by involving them in healing workshops and social cohesion programs and also ensure justice prevails in all matters affecting them.

Who is the Refugee Pastoral Care?

The Refugee Pastoral Care is the project of the Archdiocese Durban responsible for handling all matters affecting all foreign nationals in the area of the Archdiocese and beyond. The project was started in 1999 and gained momentum in 2002 when it was allocated a full time chaplain.

The pastoral role was and still is, fulfilled with our refugee brothers and sisters receiving counselling and masses said in their own languages. Services have been always offered indiscriminately.

The project has always been under the auspices of the Archdiocese of Durban. It was first administered by the Jesuits, and when they were no longer in a position to maintain a presence in Durban, the archdiocese approached the Spiritans for assistance in running the ministry.

The project is based at the Denis Hurley Centre at the Emmanuel Cathedral since that is the central point for the large population of Refugees living in Durban.

  • People who have passed through our doors

    22 000

  • Victims hosted durning the 2008 Xenophobic Attacks


  • Victims hosted durning the 2015 Xenophobic Attacks


Our Partners & Government Departments

Where can we refer Refugees to?

Refugees and Social Services

for social services within their jurisdiction

International Organisation for Migrants

for repatriation

Department of Social Development

for grants and documentation of unaccompanied children

Department of Home Affairs

for documentations

Lawyers for Human Rights

for legal matters


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